First innovation camp with Turkish group in Finland

From 9th to 11th December more than 20 Turkish school owners, principals and teachers are coming to Joensuu, Finland to participate in the first Innovation Camp organised by KOULU Group. During the Innovation Camp, an improved version of a traditional study visit, the participants get hands-on experience about the Finnish education system by participating in workshops, observing and participating in classrooms. Moreover, the participants are encouraged by our expert facilitators to find ways to adapt the new knowledge into their own working practices.

During the three-day Innovation Camp each day has a different thematic focus area. The participants get an overview of Finnish education from national curriculum to everyday school work by visiting different schools. They also attend mini-workshops led by Finnish experts and have a possibility to observe pupils’ after-school activities.

We look forward to the upcoming Innovation Camp 2015 in Joensuu, Finland. And we hope the Turkish participants enjoy the program in Finland and gain new knowledge, ideas and memorable experiences.