Online survey: International educators prefer digital solutions

Half of survey respondents prefer services to be delivered online while even larger percentage, 70% of respondents expressed their interest in Quality Programme, a product for improving educational institution’s quality systems. These are among the most interesting findings of an online survey conducted by KOULU Group among attendants of ICP 2015 convention.


After the event ICP 2015 – the 12th Convention of the International Confederation of Principals, held in Helsinki, Finland in August 2015, KOULU Group organised an online survey to find out the attendants’ opinions about what educational services they are interested in and how they would like these services to be delivered. The survey was sent by email to all English-speaking participants who attended the four-day event.

online surveyMost of the survey respondents are principals and headmasters from African educational institutions: South African respondents count for 70% of total respondents. The respondents represented schools from kindergartens to senior high school. More precisely, 50% of the schools concentrated on kindergarten education, whilst percentages for schools, whose education is at the age from 15 to 18 years old and from 13 to 18 years, accounted for 40% and 10% respectively.

In the survey, we asked the respondents to choose a product from the KOULU Group services they are most interested in. Among the six products (COA – Capability and Opportunity Assessment, Professional Development for K12 School Teaching Professionals, Innovation Camp for K12 School Teaching Professionals, Innovation Camp for Vocational and Higher Education Teaching Professionals, Professional Development for Vocational and Higher Education Teaching Professionals, and Quality Programme), the most preferred product with 70% out of all answers was Quality Programme. COA stood as the second preferred option with 20%. For 10% of the respondents, Professional Development for K12 School Teaching Professionals was the most interesting product.

pic-2When asked how the respondents would like to have the services delivered, 50% of survey participants chose online delivery as their preferred means of delivery, while combination of online and face-to-face delivery and face-to-face in Finland and was chosen by 40% and 10% of respondents respectively.
We greatly appreciate all survey respondents’ efforts and helpful comments. All respondents participated in a lottery. We hereby announce the lucky winner of COA programme provided by KOULU Group, value of €3,500 is Chelsea Preparatory School! Congratulations to Chelsea Preparatory School from South Africa and thank you all again.