Partnership With CLANED: Inside the mind of a learner

Here at KOULU Group we are excited to start a  partnership with CLANED Group. Together, we can deliver high-quality, innovative learning contents and solutions for educators.

CLANED Group is an education technology company and the developer of CLANED®, an open, personal learning space and education ecosystem platform. It is also a revolutionary and intelligent learning environment that benefits learners, educators, content providers and application developers alike. CLANED® is the world’s first solution that combines both educational data mining and learning analytics revealing how the learning takes place. The company was founded in Finland in 2013 and operates today in Helsinki, London, Shanghai and Singapore.

At the moment, The CLANED® Smart Learning Data is based on validated learning measures and research by the University of Helsinki and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All analytics are powered by artificial intelligence and produce actionable real-time insight into learner’s engagement, flow experience, level of focus and much more. The three most extraordinary benefits that the company can offer to users include:

  • Build personalized learning paths
  • Track your learning and collaborate with others
  • Act and adjust your learning based on big data

We look forward to our co-operation with CLANED Group. We are pleased to have found a Finnish partner to work with!