Sail For Good: Digital Education on boat with a Finnish family

KOULU Group is proud to be a partner of Sail For Good Education, which supports the programme Sail For Good of Meretniemi family – a family of five people from Finland, who will soon throw off the bowlines and sail around the world for six epic years. The family will begin their sailing expedition in June 2016 from Turkey and come back to Baltic Sea in 2022, 75 countries in 75 months in six continents. The main goal of the adventure is not only to discover the world with sails, but also to experiment new ways of utilising technology and digital learning methods to enable education for children in anywhere and at any time.

The plan has been built from 2014, and since then over 20 companies partnering in education and technology with Meretniemi family in order to offer digital education on boat for their three children during the expedition, whose parents are not teachers. Sail For Good Education was therefore established with an idea of creating a future digital school on boat initially, and later developing a solution that will be scalable and cost effective to implement easily in any school. ”Our dream is to act as experimental laboratory for new kind of digital education tools, methods, platforms and content. With this we believe wa can do our share to make high quality education possible to everyone, everywhere. If we make it work in an extreme environment like in a boat, it´ll work anywhere”, says Tuomo Meretniemi.

Sail For Good Education has been co-operating with many cutting edge technology companies and multiple digital content developers in order to provide curated educational content, applications and games for learning. Especially, the governmental edTech export programme Future Learning Finland will also work in close co-operation. As a partner of Sail For Good Education, KOULU Group is excited to contribute our abilities and expertise towards the family’s adventure and digitalisation in education.

For more information related to Sail for Good and Sail For Good Education, please go to this link: All pictures belong to the family and the organisation.