Koulu school of educational excellence

Koulu school of educational excellence

We at KOULU Group are committed in working towards quality education for all. Finland has a world class education system with top teachers and innovative learning environments. Now we want to work with local partners to build schools that bring together the core elements of the Finnish education combined with a deep understanding of the local context and working environment.

The scope of the schools vary, ranging from working in existing environments and focusing on school administration, pedagogical training of staff through our Teacher Training Academy programmes and learning environment design to building totally new schools that fully reflect the Finnish learning environment design principles that support the aforementioned pedagogies.

The KOULU Schools of Educational Excellence work best in conjunction with the KOULU International Teacher Training Academy by offering the teachers an environment that fully supports and reflects the principles of learning today.


To bring quality education that is accessible to all by working in cooperation with  quality driven partners in  education globally.


Students who have an opportunity to reach their highest potential while studying in an environment that is based on top quality education practices. Students who will work less, play more, have fun, learn more and have high ambitions for their future will have a strong hand in transforming the world around them. To teachers, our schools provide a working environment that motivates them to continuously develop and enhance their performance and learning outcomes of their students.

KOULU’s School of Educational Excellence is based on the following principals

  • Development of healthy and happy students – We believe that happy and healthy students have an active mindset which influences their learning behavior and we provide the environment for this to flourish. By promoting happiness, students come to school with a positive mindset which will be of great value in increasing their prospects for high achievements in their studies as well as success in general. Likewise, by being healthy, students are able to have an active lifestyle with increased energy so therefore, KOULU School of Educational Excellence is determined to develop healthy and happy students.
  • Developing students with an international mindset – The rapidly changing global environment brings people from different parts of the world closer together. Therefore, students need an international mindset to deal with people from different parts of the world. Globalisation also brings a number of challenges which must be comprehended and tackled. An international mindset is essential while overcoming these challenges at both personal and organisational levels. An international mindset is the key to a deeper understanding of the world, which will provide outstanding opportunities for the student’s future.
  • Enhanced creativity – The world is constantly changing and rapidly so which requires creative solutions. In order to apply imagination, students need in-depth creative thought processes to distinguish themselves from others. Also creativity enables students to be intrinsically motivated. Creativity boosts confidence and develops risk-taking abilities in students which will be highly beneficial to leading a successful career and for life in general.
  • Preparing students with 21st century skills – Critical thinking, communicational, collaborative and analytical skills are all a strong part of the 21st century skillset. KOULU Group’s combination of tasks and activities helps students develop their 21st century skills individually as well as collectively.
  • Exposure to ICT technologies – KOULU School of Educational Excellence provides skills to master modern and highly innovative Information and Communication Technology tools. ICT skills empower students to combine technology with learning which will not only help them to succeed in their studies, but will also help them in their future careers. KOULU Group is dedicated to equipping students with high-level ICT competence.
  • Developing students as responsible citizens of the world – Environmental, societal, and economical issues compete and cooperate in every industry today. Each individual makes choices based on this “tripod” on a daily basis. Social responsibility today is no longer a choice but a must so students should realise the importance and the challenges it creates as well as the opportunities it provides. This understanding will empower students to seek responsible yet gainful solutions.

The overall vision of KOULU Group is to develop students who could be the leaders of the future world and who can create an impact in the society to which they belong.