What the future schools are going to look like?

Finnish KOULU Group reveals data on how smart classroom policies can improve the quality of education, creating the future schools with quality education for all.

New developments in smart classrooms have the power to transform the way people learn. Still on the global scale vast amount of schools fail to introduce those in their work.

For years KOULU Group has developed solutions to improve teacher training, introduce new curriculum, implement new digital technologies to support the joint development work on the schooling system all over the world and together creating the future schools with its partners. The company track record includes several schools from India and Turkey, and since recently, – in Pakistan. KOULU Group shares some insights on how improves quality of education.

Our programmes are localised, which enhances the education system by largely impacting the learning results, outcomes, atmosphere and general well being at the schools where the framework, teacher quality and school management are being implemented.” – comments Mr. Antti Kaskinen, founder of KOULU Group.

Mr. Kaskinen continues: “Based on the work we have done in the past we can confirm that effective schooling combines a diversity of learning models that incorporate both physical and digital domains instead of a closed classroom. Plus, experimenting with the use of online media and sharing findings with pals, teachers, and other schools allows students to learn more from the real world. In this way, the teaching of personal and social skills with regard to immersive technology occurs in the most effective way. In addition, we find that flexibility in terms of when and where learning happens has a positive impact on students’ performance.


About KOULU Group

KOULU Group Ltd. is an organisation providing education solutions for learning and development based on the best educational expertise from Finland. The company works in collaboration with school owners, management and personnel and enables access to learning to wide audiences from all around the world.

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