Get to know our updated services!

The vision of KOULU is to provide quality Finnish-style education for all. We aim to achieve this by offering outstanding services for trainers, teachers, principals and school owners – and now also for students! Throughout the beginning of the year, we have developed and planned our services to best suit the needs of our customers. Old ones have been developed and new ones are in the making.

The red line running through our services is that we want teachers, managers and schools to develop the holistic wellbeing of their students. Learning cannot only be memorising facts; rather, the teacher must make a transition from being a provider of facts to becoming a learning facilitator.

The newest addition to our line of services is Teach like a Finn! train-the-trainer programme. It’s a scalable professional development model that is based on student-centeredness. The programme includes lesson planning, problem-based learning and phenomenon-based learning modules as well as positive and authentic teaching and STEM-related modules, for example. The programme offers practical tools, resources and theoretical knowledge for teachers to implement the practices in their everyday work. A central feature in TLF is the online Community of Practise in which the local trainers and teachers get to share classroom experiences, develop new practices and attend webinars. The pilot of TLF is currently on-going in Pakistan and we are developing the scalability of the programme.

The second is the Finnish International School (FIS), a comprehensive school model that arches over every corner of school operations: from joint-development of a vision and mission to quality assurance. The model includes implementing a Finnish international curriculum that builds on broad competencies, teaching how to learn and skills acquirement – topped off with a digital learning landscape of top-notch technology and blended solutions. The learning environment design supports the holistic development of the students and enables teachers the versatile use of learning environments. Continuous training offers teachers professional development and tools to students’ character building. By touching every aspect of teaching, learning and assessment, we increase student wellbeing and happiness, and enable them to reach their full potential in addition to reaching better learning results. In addition, the model offers support to the school management for capacity building and continuous improvement.

Capability and Opportunity Assessment (COA) is an old acquaintance but upgraded to a wider scope. The COA is a tool for the development of entire schools. It can be used to create a systematic path to development through identifying strengths and analysing success factors of the school. We have broadened the scope of the COA and, as a result, the current focus is heavily on pedagogical practises, including classroom practices, methods used, class atmosphere and school culture. The data is gathered from all parties involved in successful delivery of pedagogy: from students, teachers, managers and parents alike. The COA is an extremely versatile tool as it can be used only once as a starting point to development, or as an annual tool for continuous development.

If you are interested in experiencing the authentic Finnish learning environments, we still organise Innovation Camps for professional educators and, now as a newcomer, also the Student Programme. In Innovation Camps, the participants get to experience and witness the world-renowned education system’s practices and methods first hand. And not only experience, but to also work on solutions that can be implemented in their local setting! The camps combine authentic learning environments (meaning schools), lectures, workshops and practical tools. In visiting schools, the participants will have an opportunity to interact with teachers and students. The suggested duration of the Innovation Camp is 5 days and the contents are always customised to the exact wishes of each customer.

The Student Programme is for students of 10-15 years of age. The programme is a special ‘learning-by-doing’ experience that concentrates on two themes: Business & Technology and Scientific Kids. The Student Programme is a unique combination of phenomenon-based projects and outdoor activities. The programme develops critical thinking, problem-solving and team-work skills while getting to know the beautiful Finnish nature. The first Student Camp with a group of Chinese children was a huge success and we hope to host more of these groups in the future!

We hope you can find something from our services in which we can cooperate on in the near future! For more information, please contact