ICT Solutions in Schools as A Tool For Teaching and Learning

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education is no longer an unfamiliar term to educators worldwide. Schools and institutions in Finland have recognised the importance of ICT and, therefore, ICT solutions are applied in schools not only as a pedagogical tool for teachers but also for students’ skills development. With the new Core Curriculum, there is an even stronger emphasis on ICT solutions in the classroom.


A tool for learning

ICT is introduced both at school and at home to develop the students’ ICT competence in various areas: supporting students to practice ICT skills in producing and completing their assignments, learning about new software, updating the new platforms and digital media. Students are also guided through information collection and management, interaction and networking in safe and responsible ways. In the meantime, teachers, staffs and parents play the role of facilitators and guardians who assist the children in studying, practising and creating their work. If schools cannot provide students with enough devices during hours at school, students can use their own with permission from their parents and when the teacher sees it fit. All efforts are spent to make sure kids have possibilities for accessing and using ICT solutions in learning.


A tool for teaching

ICT is sometimes considered to happen only at the Computer Science subject, where students learn about using computers, keyboard skills, software, basic text production, etc. Nevertheless, ICT solutions can be widely used by teachers for a pedagogical purpose. Particularly in Finland, teachers are given autonomy to give lessons using the software, platform or tool that will help them to deliver the topic in a more fascinating way and to make the lessons more innovative. Students also benefit from those ICT combined lessons with more inspiration and motivation for learning. Thanks to the help of ICT, both teachers and students can produce their creative work and manage the process together and independently.


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