Which strategy is used to help the student? — Innovation Camp

This September, continuing the journey with our long-term partner The Leaners Confluence (TLC), we hosted fifteen school owners, educators, and leaders from India.

Throughout the programme, the participants did not only observe the actual teaching, learning, and the school environment, but they also participated and reflected on their understanding during three pedagogical workshops.

Particularly the school visits provided a general overview of the Finnish education system. This translated into field trips to the nursery Carousel, Kasavuoren koulu (secondary school), Kilonpuiston Koulu (comprehensive school), Kauniaisten Lukio (high school), and the vocational school LIVE. Besides that, the pedagogical workshops unfolded the secret behind Finnish education’s success and created the chances for participants to gain insightful ideas presented by the Finnish pedagogical experts.

During the programme, one of the most frequent questions was emphasized among the participants: “Which strategy is used to help the student if their learning outcomes are not as expected?”

The Finnish school system offers three different levels of support: general, intensified, and special support. However, the answers of the Finnish teachers revealed even more than this systematic approach: “It depends on the student and the teacher”. The personalised and student-centred approach gave the student individual support, which depended on their ability. The teachers are trusted to know and do what is the best for their students. For the participants, this created a picture of the uniqueness of Finnish education, which is based on trust and student-centredness.

It was an amazing opportunity for us to learn further about Indian schools and witness the passion of the educators. We believe this visit will be a great start for future cooperation between the Indian schools and Koulu Group!