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Who are we?

The Finnish word KOULU stands for “SCHOOL”. KOULU Group works in close collaboration with the owners, management and personnel of the schools to provide finest solutions that enable ACCESS TO LEARNING.

KOULU Group is an expert organisation providing first-class and comprehensive education solutions for learning and development, based on the best educational expertise from Finland. Working through long-term partnerships, we strive to make quality education accessible to people of all ages worldwide. For that purpose, KOULU Group operates private schools and teacher education institutes in collaboration with local partners around the world. But most importantly, we work hard towards innovative and practical education solutions from policies to classrooms. In our projects, we take advantage of the latest technology and blend it with tried and tested working practices and glimpses of the future.



We offer top-of-the-line solutions for learning and development combining the excellence of the proven and successful Finnish concepts, cutting-edge technologies and skilled professionals.


Our vision is to help improve the future by being the best partner and provider of skills, methods and solutions needed for facilitating necessary change.


Our customers come first.
Professionalism & responsibility.
Honesty and openness.
Social consciousness.

How can we help you?

Every country has its own culture and customs so it’s our mission to offer the best of the leading Finnish educational expertise whilst working with local partners to ensure the best fit for instilling Koulu’s values within the local context.

We are reinventing education, and with that we bring success factors to our customers through our services, which are based on the world-renowned Finnish education system. We deliver world class training and development services to private K-12 schools and kindergartens.


What this means for you

  • As a teacher – You will be empowered to play a positive and active role in your students’ development through training in the best pedagogical practices as well as how to get the best out of the modern teachers toolbox
  • As a student – You will develop your 21st century skills in a stimulating school environment that promotes well-being and prepares you for global minded competitiveness.


We are passionate about learning and we want you to be as well!

Why Finland
Why Finland

“We believe that all societies, institutions and individuals are able to make positive changes and achieve their full potential. Our passion is to facilitate this change through education solutions with the innovative know-how in Finnish education expertise.”

The welfare of Finnish society is based on knowledge and expertise – citizens need equal learning opportunities in order to secure and improve their know-how, leading to the success of Finnish education. Student performance in Finland is recognised to be among the world’s best with excellent learning outcomes in global study rankings such as PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS.

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