CFP Forum 2016 in Tampere: Future Education Design

Together with EEF – Education Export Finland and its more or less 13 partners all around Finland, KOULU Group took part in one of the biggest education events of the year for delegations from China and Finland. That event was CFP Forum 2016 China-Finland Principals (Basic Education) organised in Tampere, Finland from 8-10 August by FICEA – Finland China Education Association and Sure Fire.

Under the theme Future Education Design, CFP Forum 2016 was held with the intention of boosting international communication between principals and educators from China and Finland, related to current education issues and the implementation of phenomenon-based learning and thematic approach. Along with lectures of European top professors, there were also presentations and discussions delivered by Chinese delegations.

Out of three-day event, KOULU Group joined two days with the themes of Digital tools and new learning methods and Teacher training and coaching. “The event was a great opportunity for us to meet new potential customers from China,” said Ms Huong Ngo, Key Account Manager from KOULU Group. “China is a very potential market, and they are looking for best educational solutions that Finland has to offer.”

For more details and pictures of the event, please click the following link