KOULU Diploma Programme in ECE started in Islamabad

We are happy and proud to announce that a first ever KOULU Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE), organised in cooperation with Train2Impact, is currently being held in Islamabad, Pakistan! Participants include teachers and administrators from five Pakistani schools: Headstart, Froebel’s, Educators, The City School and Lahore Grammar School. The training is divided into two sections; the first one comprising of four intensive contact days in Islamabad, the second 15-weeks of online learning and practical assignments.

The training will focus on delivering Finnish pedagogies in early childhood education to the participants. The participants will have an active role in their own learning: they will have an opportunity to apply the methods in their own working environment, develop these methods further and, also, test their own ideas.

Peer and collaborative learning is another key feature of the training. All materials are shared on an online environment that enables discussion and sharing of tested methods. Here are some positive feelings among the participants on the first day:

“I had two learning goals in mind. Firstly, how the ECE learning environment can be transformed for various socio-economic setting in Pakistan. Secondly, as a lead trainer, I am interested in how I can transform my learning in this course into my work place by refreshing and comparing approaches. The level of discussion in the day one has been great” says Ms. Shaza Tehseen, Lead Trainer of Froebel’s International School.

“This is exactly what I was expecting: that we are here together learning from each other’s experiences” adds Ms. Fareeha Khalid, teacher of Headstart.

All pictures were taken by Ms. Lisamaria Markula, CEO & Founder of Train2Impact.