Diploma Programme in ECE completed with success!

The KOULU Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE) conducted in Pakistan with four renowned private schools – Headstart, Froebel’s International School, the City School and Lahore Grammar School – has been successfully completed! The last webinar was held yesterday and all parties are extremely satisfied with the result!

During these 16 weeks, the participants have been introduced to a wide range of early childhood education methodology and practical tools to implement it. The whole KOULU team is in absolute awe of the results of the training; the participants’ eagerness to learn and the inventiveness in implementing the new approached has amazed us!

Highlights of the training include:

  • Increased child agency: the participants have noticed how children have become more active and participate more. They have also noticed that it is very important to ask for the children’s opinion so that they can feel that their views matter.
  • Language immersion was perceived as particularly meaningful for the local environment: using the students’ first language (e.g .Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi) definitely made a difference in the classroom.
  • A renewed perspective towards assessment: instead of seen only as a tool for grading, assessment was given a new function as a feedback tool that motivates and encourages the students.
  • Some individual tools that were seen particularly interesting or useful were coding, environmental education and the story crafting method.
  • The inventiveness of the participants was seen for example in the Artistic Expressions week when some of them had built music instruments with their students! How endearing and inventive!
  • The online part has been conducted in Claned; the participants have been very active in commenting, discussing and giving feedback to others! This is exactly what we hoped and wished for since one of the aims of the course was to build a peer learning network for the teachers.

KOULU is delighted that the participants were very invested and open-minded towards the training. In addition, they were very active in implementing the Finnish methods and tools into their own environment thus creating a functional blend of Finnish-Pakistani teaching.

– This course has broadened my horizons and taught me a lot. The huge plus point was that we implemented the pedagogies first and then reflected which amplified our learning. In total, the training changed my perspective in teaching, states Saba Kamran, teacher from Headstart School.

Many thanks to our partners; Claned for providing the platform for online learning and Train2Impact for being the local liaison!

Very special and warm thanks to all the partnering schools and especially to our fantastic participants – KOULU is extremely happy to have had such creative professionals attend this course! Looking forward to our next collaborations!