EduVenture – Adventure to the future of education

KOULU Group proudly presents a one-week educational event in September 2017 named EduVenture: an adventure to the future of education for educators from all around the world. The inspiration of the programme comes from one of the world’s best education system – Finland ­– for its remarkable results in education that focuses on the whole life of a child.

EduVenture is a five-day programme organised by KOULU Group in Helsinki, Finland from 4th to 8th September 2017. The programme consists of two days focusing on learning about Finnish education system, teacher training and visiting schools; two days of participating to the Dare to Learn event; and a one-day seminar on International Development on Education. One of EduVenture’s objectives is to give educators all around the globe an opportunity to explore and discover the factors leading to top quality in the Finnish education system. During the education adventure in Finland, participants are offered latest ideas and practical tools to develop and increase the quality of their education system based on globally acknowledged Finnish education philosophy, know-how and education research. A possibility to observe teaching and learning practices and learning spaces first-hand at schools is also included, as well as a unique chance to network with Finnish education experts.

The registration for EduVenture is open until 15th July 2017 with the price €700 per participant. For more details of the programme and a registration link, please click the following link For a group of registration of 10 people or more, please contact Ms. Johanna Ursin at


KOULU Education Group Ltd. is an expert organisation providing first-class and comprehensive education solutions for learning and development. KOULU combines Finnish education expertise, digital solutions and life-long learning to develop schools and teacher training, and to open new schools. KOULU has partners in India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Dare to Learn is a completely new, interactive and international event for learning enthusiasts and experts who are willing to shake their thinking of learning. At the event, you will participate different future-related workshops and hear keynotes from, e.g., Pasi Sahlberg, Kirsti Lonka and The Finnish Minister of Education, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.