First gamified education visit ever with Dutch participants

In cooperation with Het Pakhuis voor Onderwijsinnovatie and Seppo, KOULU organised a gamified education visit for nine Roncalli school teachers from the Netherlands. The visit, organised 3-5 October, was the first ever in which Seppo was used as a personal learning tool for the participants.

The teachers and principal of Roncalli school had many topics of interest for the visit: the overall organisation of education in Finland, how to improve and maintain the motivation of teachers and students, how to personalise learning for students of different level, digital solutions and special needs education. Even though the visit was only three days long, the participants visited three different schools – Kasavuori and Espoonlahti secondary schools and Kauniainen high school –, became familiar with teacher training in Finland, learnt to make a Seppo game, met with other Edtech companies and attended a practical workshop on how to implement the effects to their own work.

Seppo was used during the gamified education visit as a way to familiarise with the Finnish culture and as a personal learning tool for the participants. Susan and Harriet of Het Pakhuis had made a game that helped the participants process the things they saw and discovered already during the visit. The tasks in the game encouraged the participants to interview teachers and students in schools and pedestrians in the street about their topics of interest. KOULU participated in making tasks for the school visits.

During the few days, we noticed that the philosophy of Finnish education and the Roncalli school are, to an extent, the same: the focus is on the personal growth of the student and on the holistic development as a human being. After establishing this, it was easy to focus the visit on providing the teachers and the principals with practical tools which they can use in their own work. Indeed, the very last part of the visit concentrated on the practical implementation of the issues the participants had learned. In a workshop led by Ms. Johanna Ursin-Escobar from KOULU, the participants were guided to find ways they could use the discoveries in their work.

Big thanks go to Het Pakhuis and Seppo for this successful cooperation and the Roncalli teachers for being delightfully active in participating and asking questions! Using Seppo in this gamified education visit has been a fun new twist for KOULU as well!