Freedom in Education with Indian educational professionals

KOULU Group was proud to host an educational delegation of 16 people from India in week 20 in Finland – a good result from a good partnership with Travel to Learn. The beautiful spring weather had welcomed our guests with full of positive energy to learn more about the success factors of Finnish education system, such as freedom in education, throughout workshops led by educational experts and school visits in Metropolitan areas and Turku.

To kick off the programme, Ms. Emmi Ollila – Innovation Manager of KOULU Group – managed the workshop about Finnish education generally with history, success factors, and future aspirations towards the needs of 21st century skills for students, teachers, and school administrators. Professor Arto Kallioniemi – Vice Head of Teacher Education Department, University of Helsinki – continued the first-day programme by sharing more insights of Finnish education with policies of teaching and management at school levels in Finland, how much freedom is given to each person at schools in various positions. Professor Arto also guided the participants on a quick visit to the Teacher Education campus, where future teachers are studying and training in different subjects before they become teachers.

In the next three days, the Indian delegation spent visits to schools in Helsinki, Espoo and Turku to observe innovative learning environments and their own extraordinary methods and approaches applied at each campus. From kindergarten to primary school, lower and upper secondary school, and comprehensive school; each school left the participants plenty of remarkable experiences and useful knowledge gaining either from the premise, students’ feedback, teachers or school staffs. The final day ended with introductions of different Edtech companies in Finland and their ground-breaking solutions to change the mindset of how teaching, learning and school managing should be. On the last day, the group also had an opportunity to meet the Ambassador of Indian Embassy located in Helsinki with fruitful discussions and more insights on what can be taken from Finland to India.

“The infrastructure and the hands-on learning facilities provided over here is beyond the imagination. They train children in almost all aspects of life. The freedom enjoyed by everyone in the school helps them innovate. Thanks to Travel to Learn and KOULU Education Group” said Mr. Radhakrishnan Chettour – head of MH English School, Edappal, Kerala and also serving as President of Kerala Private Schools Association (KPSA), Malapuram District, and President of KPSA Sahodaya. This is one of many feedbacks we have received from this Indian delegation. Thank you all for a great exchange learning journey!