Innovation Camp with Indian Educators and the Minister of HRD

It was such an honour for KOULU Group to host another Innovation Camp with educators, principals, school owners from India; especially with the Minister of HRD Human Resource Development, formerly Ministry of Education in state Andhra Pradesh from 21-24 November. The programme started with a warm welcome from Mr. Antti Kaskinen – CEO and founder of KOULU Group, despite the dark and cold weather in Helsinki at that moment.

Later, Ms. Satu Järvinen – Partner and Director, Education Services warmed up the atmosphere by sharing the general information and insights of the education system in Finland, as well as its history and future aspirations. The success factors of Finnish education system were revealed, not only by Ms. Satu but also by Ms. Leena Vaino – Head of Learning Solutions, Omnia. One of those factors are teacher quality and teach training as presented in Ms. Leena’s presentation “Teachers as corner stones of quality education, Finnish teacher training”.

Heading from Helsinki, our participants did enjoy the visit in a public daycare, a private business college, a public secondary school, and a vocational school in Espoo and Vantaa, within the metropolitan area of Helsinki. To their opinions and prior wishes, those were memorable experiences to blend in actual lessons at classrooms, talk to students and teachers regarding lessons, curriculum, and management. Moreover, the group spent a visit to the Finnish National Board of Education in Helsinki relating the new curriculum 2016, and to FinPro and Team Finland – organisations helping Finnish SMEs go international with local partners and investors all around the globe with its local and global connections.

Finally, our group from India made use of their time on the last day by visit the Design Factory – one of the three factories of Aalto University, with Ms. Satu and Mr. Teemu Leinonen – Associate Professor, Vice Dean, New Media design and learning at Aalto University. Since the programme has accomplished, we sincerely hope our participants from India, especially the Minister of HRD, find the Innovation Camp useful, exciting throughout unforgettable moments in Finland with KOULU Group.