Innovation Camp programme October 2016 insights

In October 2016, we were so delighted have a group of 10 educators from Travel to Learn in India coming to Finland and join the Innovation Camp programme with us; who came from different cities, in different schools with different professions all gathering in Helsinki for same goals. Despite the weather and the cultural differences, participants had a look at what contributes to the successful education of Finland as well as drawing lessons to their own organisations during the one-week camp.

The programme lasted from 17th to 21st October with lots of school visits and speeches delivered by Finnish educational experts in three big cities. Indian participants had an excursion to the Faculty of Teacher Education with Professor Arto Kallioniemi in the University of Helsinki on the first day, whereas the second day was fully scheduled in Espoo. The group visited a variety of school levels from primary, secondary, high school to comprehensive schools in Turku so as to get the insights of Finnish education system and its success lessons. They also enjoyed having school lunches with the students as well as the after school activities and learning more about special education for students with physical disabilities. Practical workshops delivered by Mrs. Satu Järvinen from KOULU Group were highly appreciated too.

Although the programme was fully packed with visits and workshops in different locations, our Indian school directors, principals and vice principals were truly excited and enthusiastic to gain lessons and secrets from Finland and Finnish education to apply to their schools in India. Though two countries’ situations are very much dissimilar with each other, there are certainly practical approaches that our participants can utilise from what they have gained throughout the Innovation Camp. Big thanks to all our Indian educators, Finnish experts and schools for incredible experiences and insights!