KOULU Group and House of Rockville to start developing early childhood education in Pakistan

KOULU Education Group and House of Rockville through its Education Division have agreed on a long-term partnership to start developing private education in Pakistan. The work starts immediately with development work in Rockville’s Daycare & Early Years Campus in Islamabad.

The first step of the collaboration is to include the Finnish pedagogies in early childhood education in Rockville’s Islamabad Campus. This will be the first Finnish-Pakistani daycare centre in Pakistan. The next step is to expand the joint operations both geographically around Pakistan and more widely in the K-12 sector. This partnership will enable rooting first-class Finnish education expertise in the Pakistani education environment.

KOULU is familiar with working in early childhood education in Pakistan: our KOULU Diploma programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE) with four renowned private schools in Pakistan was considered a huge success that provided practical tools for teaching relevant for the local culture. This development partnership with House of Rockville further grounds KOULU’s work in Pakistan.

KOULU Education Group Ltd. is an expert organisation providing first-class and comprehensive education solutions for learning and development. KOULU combines Finnish education expertise, digital solutions and life-long learning to develop schools and teacher training, and to open new schools. In addition to Pakistan, KOULU has partners also in the Gulf Region, Turkey, India and Georgia.

House of Rockville is a group of 15 companies in Pakistan whose operations include private education and corporate childcare services, among other areas. House of Rockville has been operational since 1975. Rockville’s aim is to revolutionise the education sector by focusing on experiential learning for the young.