KOULU’s Teach like a Finn! training launches!

During the last few months, KOULU has been planning and developing a train-the-trainer programme called Teach like a Finn! The very first training of trainers started yesterday in Islamabad, Pakistan. The training is organised in close cooperation with Silver Oaks Schools & College, that has entered 18 participants from their pedagogical staff for the development of their professional capital, and Train2Impact, KOULU’s partner for the Pakistani education market.

Teach like a Finn! (TLF) is a scalable professional development model. The aim of the programme is to provide not only the theoretical knowledge of student-centred and inquiry-based learning, on which the training is based on, but also the support and resources teachers need to put these theories in practice. Our Finnish Master Trainers, Ms. Teija Laukkanen and Ms. Pirkko Nissinen, will train the 18 participants to be TLF Trainers, after which they will start to train local teachers. TLF Trainers are responsible for delivering the training in a locally relevant manner.

The Teach like a Finn! training programme includes eight modules in different themes. Two first ones, student-centred learning and differentiation & lesson planning, will be conducted face-to-face in Islamabad 15-19 January. The 5-day training consists of getting to know the principles behind Finnish education and what it means to be a facilitator expert learning and, naturally, the training of the two modules.

The remaining six modules will be online learning: inquiry-based learning in math, problem solving in math, problem-based learning, phenomenon-based learning, flipped learning and positive and authentic teaching. After completing the training, the TLF Trainers will receive module-specific certificates that are valid for two years.

The TLF Trainers will start training local teachers right after completion of each module. In the first stages, the teachers will come from the Silver Oaks School network.

An important feature of training is the online community of practice which serves as a material bank and a platform for peer learning and sharing. As an online learning platform for both the training programme and community of practice, we are using our longtime partner Claned. The Claned platform enables sharing classroom experiences, discussion and webinars on developing teaching practices. In Claned, we will host a global community of teachers and trainers, and thus extend the professional learning networks of all the participants – both TLF Trainers and teachers.

We are very happy and excited to partner with Silver Oaks Schools & College and Train2Impact in this pioneering programme!