Mapping towards the Future of Education at EduVenture

EduVenture was KOULU’s first programme that consisted of such a diverse group of participants: from 4 continents and 10 countries. The week succeeded beyond our expectation and imagination; both organisers and participants gained loads of entrancing education experiences for mapping the way forward the future of education.

Unlike our other programmes,  in which the delegations usually come from one country, EduVenture brought international participants together in Helsinki, Finland from nations around the globe to explore the success factors leading to top quality in the Finnish education system and create their own vision of how the future of education should be like. On the first day, participants introduced themselves and revealed their personal objectives which many of them shared. To be more precise, understanding the Finnish education system, how ICT and technology are applied at schools, and looking for future collaborations were top three goals mentioned by most of our delegates. The first objective was fulfilled especially throughout the presentation named “Education in Finland, History and Future Aspirations” led by Ms. Johanna Ursin-Escobar, Education Project Manager of KOULU Group; and “Lecture on Finnish Teaching Training” presented by Mr. Jari Salminen from Department of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki.

Schools visits were an indispensable part of EduVenture. The participants enjoyed observing the lessons and classrooms, speaking to teachers about their pedagogical approaches and to students about how they enjoyed the lesson activities. Additionally, what made EduVenture so special was the combination with Dare To Learn two-day event organised in Helsinki 5th and 6th September. Dare To Learn was a marvelous opportunity for our participants with loads of speeches, workshops, discussions featuring with top inspired people, companies and start-ups related to education sector. All our members could not hide their excitement, interests, and curiosity to continue exploring new features, latest trends, innovative tools applied and promoted in Finnish education during the event.

Last but not least, the specialties of EduVenture, and our Innovation Camp programmes, are the practical workshops run by KOULU Group’s experts with hands-on education experiences in learning, teaching and management. Even more exclusive, we organised a whole-day seminar with keynotes from our beloved pedagogical experts all around Finland, gathering in EduVenture to inspire and share their knowledge and passions in education. Furthermore, a panel discussion about student-centered school culture and inclusion was held to provide more insights and aspects of education systems in Finland and worldwide, leaving room for lively debates for every participant to join and share their opinions. Followed by a closing remark led by Ms. Satu Järvinen, Partner & VP Education Services of KOULU Group, all our delegates received a certificate of completion.

EduVenture could have not been completed so successfully without our participants’ active participation, deep interests, and curiosity in finding the answers for mapping the way towards the future of education. We sincerely hope that throughout the programme each participant has found his/her own answers to develop and enhance the education quality to achieve the better potentials of students in their institutions, cities or countries. Thank you all again for making EduVenture happen and succeed!