Metro-KOULU Teacher Training Programme launches – registration has started!

KOULU is cooperating with Metro International School to launch a 12-month international teacher training programme in Karachi, Pakistan. The training comprises of two separate tracks: one for early years teachers (for teachers working with students aged 5 and under) and the other for primary years teachers (for teachers working with student in classes 1-5). The training will provide the participants with practical approaches to learning and tools to use technology in classrooms. The goal is to empower teachers in their classrooms. The training is conducted by experienced Finnish instructors in addition to which the learning of the participants will be locally supported. The training is suitable for all teachers interested in improving their skills and getting new insights into their work.

The training starts in February 2019 and registration has started! All registrations and inquiries: Metro International School,, tel. 3530 3611 to 13 & 0322 638 7611.

Metro International School is a school system with a goal to create community-based institutions throughout Karachi. Metro International School believes that every child has their own strengths and promises to make sure every child develops to their full potential. Much of Metro’s teaching practices are inspired by Finish methodologies of how children learn.

KOULU Education Group offers a wide range of Finnish-style education services.We develop schools and teacher training programmes towards student-centred teaching and life-long learning, and we also operate educational travel. KOULU has an international network of partners in Pakistan, India, Thailand and the UAE.