School Leadership Team accomplished Innovation Camp

KOULU group had the pleasure of hosting yet another group from India – School Leadership Team, following on from our previous and very successful group visits. Arriving in Helsinki in a very snowy weather, the delegation from Rounded Education Pvt. Ltd. commenced their week’s programme with a welcome from KOULU group’s CEO, Mr. Antti Kaskinen and Innovation Manager, Ms. Emmi Ollila at their office in Helsinki.

Topics discussed throughout the camp included “The Education System in Finland/ History and Future Aspirations” as well as “Success Factors of the Finnish Education System”. These were a good taster for the rest of the week’s programme that focussed predominantly on educational institution visits in Helsinki’s surrounding areas. Our participants had a chance to visit different school levels ranging from primary to secondary, comprehensive schools and daycare located in Espoo. Furthermore, Rounded Education group was onto the National Board of Education in Helsinki for a visit, as well as a practical workshop hosted by Ms. Sirkku Nikamaa from Work in Progress, based on the topic of “Innovative Teaching and Learning methods in Finland”. The group especially enjoyed the workshop led by Ms. Sirkku and participated effectively with her support. Later, Friday concluded the week’s program and on this day Professor Arto Kallioniemi presented a talk on “How do we Train Our Teachers?” followed by a visit to the Faculty of Education at the University of Helsinki.

Besides, an important element of these programmes is for each day to conclude with a reflection on the topics of the day and so it was for this day and all that followed with Ms. Emmi. This gave a chance for an interactive discussion between participants on what they found effective and what they possibly did not. Not to mention that Ms. Emmi decided that this day needed a bit of shaking up for the reflections part of the day and she took the group outside to play with some snow. So no doubt reflections were discussed whilst dodging a snowball to the head!

It was not only a great experience to our participants but also a valuable lesson for KOULU Group to improve the quality of the Innovation Camp programme. We would like to send big thanks to Dr. A Senthil Kumaran, Rounded Education Pvt. Ltd. and School Leadership Team for making the programme happen in the most effective way!