Teach like a Finn at Dare to Learn 2018

KOULU participated this year’s Dare to Learn (September 18-19, 2018) at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki with an interactive demo and an animation of our new teacher training programme Teach like a Finn (TLF). Our demo was about algorithms and algorithmic thinking, a topic which is a part of TLF’s 21st century technology for learning module. In addition to the materials used in the modules, the demo included an activity that was to be conducted in pairs. One was a programmer who would use an algorithm (a series of signs or voiced commands) to direct the the second – the robot – along a certain route to reach the goal. This was a demonstration of an activity included in our training modules which teachers can use in their own classes. The game helps learners visualise and apply what they have learned in class.

Dare to Learn, the largest learning festival in Northern Europe, kicked off to a great start. Different companies, experts, students, professionals, and individuals otherwise interested in the educational field had gathered together from all over the world to share and learn. Not even speaking a different language was a barrier—some visitors were accompanied by a translator.

The event provided a large space for keynotes, workshops, talks, and different company stands. Many of the discussions seemed to conclude on an optimistic note, with a lot of hope being placed in education and young people—with education you can change the world.

Overall, this was a valuable and enriching experience. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

If you were not able to be present at Dare to Learn, feel the atmosphere through the video below!