Teach like a Finnish Math teacher! – Roots joins TLF trainer community

KOULU is excited to start collaboration with Roots School System in training a new group of TLF Trainers in Pakistan. Ms. Maarit Rossi, CEO of Paths to Math and finalist in Global Teacher Prize 2016, trained 24 participants from Roots School System DHA-1, Islamabad, Roots IVY International Schools and Roots Garden Schools as TLF Math Trainers. The three-day training included active learning and problem solving in math.  The training was organised in collaboration with Train2Impact.

According to the participants, positivity and creativity in teaching and learning, and giving confidence through student-centeredness and hands-on activities were the definite stars of the training. The content of the programme was said to motivate teacher to be facilitators. The most useful thing the participants learned was that the training showed them that most of the concepts in math can be taught in different ways to students of different levels.

To ensure the increase in the trainers professional capital, we have launched the online community of practice. In the online community of practice, the trainers can share ideas, thoughts and best practices on training and teaching.

Roots Garden Schools (Pvt. Ltd. ), Roots School System and Roots IVY International Schools is a leading school system in Pakistan. It has been recognized internationally as a 21st century schooling model. The visionary founder of Roots, Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq, a compassionate educator for almost 46 years, is committed to bringing out the best in children in Pakistan. The  school system offers multiple national and international qualifications and believes in keeping pace with the world’s best practices.

Teach like a Finn! (TLF) is a scalable professional development model. The aim of the programme is to provide not only the theoretical knowledge of student-centred and inquiry-based learning, on which the training is based on, but above all the support and resources teachers need to put these theories in practice. The entire programme consists of eight different modules.

We are very happy and proud to start collaboration with Roots and welcome them to the TLF Trainer community!