Teacher Training in Early Childhood Education: From Finland to Pakistan

For the first time, we are all very excited to bring the best of Finnish education expertise to Pakistan through the coming programme “KOULU Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education” in Pakistan in March 2017. Together with Train2Impact and Veritas Learning Circle, we proudly present the teacher training programme for people working in kindergarten or in other early childhood education positions. By completing the programme, the participants will have gained a thorough understanding of children as learners and how to develop their learning skills and capabilities in preparation for the school world while working towards.

The early childhood years are truly formative in terms of physical, emotional, and social development. Implementation of an effective early childhood learning programme will contribute to a child’s well-being well into their adult years. Early Childhood Education ECE for us at KOULU means educational interaction that is aimed at promoting balanced growth, development and learning for children. ECE comprises care, education, and teaching. For that purpose, ECE is about goal-oriented collaboration and integration that keeps spontaneous play of key importance. It is built on a holistic view on children’s growth, development, and learning. It draws on a wide range of pedagogical knowledge and in particular ECE knowledge, cross-disciplinary information, research and expertise on pedagogical methodology.

The duration of the teacher training is 4 months, including 1 week of intensive study starting from 18th March 2017, followed by 11 weeks of online studies. The intensive study period will take place in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan at the premises of our collaboration partner – Veritas Learning Circle. The programme will centre on three educational goals that underline the work of any Early Childhood Educator:

  • Promotion of personal well-being
  • Reinforcement of considerate behaviour and action towards others
  • Gradual build-up of autonomy

At the end of this programme, the participants will be able to understand the intrinsic values of ECE in underlining the value of fostering childhood. This helps the children to develop holistically as human beings.

For more information, please check out the brochure at http://bit.ly/2mhhpHQ, or do not hesitate to contact us and Train2Impact at info@train2impact.org. Save the time on your calendar and join the teacher training ECE in Pakistan with us! https://www.eply.com/KOULU_ECE_2017