Teachers as facilitators: Innovation Camp with Turkish education professionals

KOULUs long-time partner, Senin Gelecegin, visited us for an Innovation Camp from 28th November to 2nd December. The group consisted of a variety of education professionals: teachers, private school founders and owners and education inspectors.

When starting the Camp, the participants were asked about their personal learning objectives for the week. The participants wanted to learn about how the new curriculum works, how to motivate the students, competition in the education system and different ways of assessment.

The group visited Carousel Nursery, Seppo primary school and Kasavuori secondary school. In addition, they had an expert lecture about Finnish teacher training.  The participants were especially interest in the teacher’s role in the classroom as a facilitator, student participation and cooperation with parents. ICT related issues were also discussed, especially the balance between learning material and interaction in classes and the use of students’ own devices.

Additionally, the group had a workshop on teaching and learning design, i.e. how to make lesson planning. The workshop was held by our Innovation Manager Ms. Emmi. She also went through the participants’ personal learning objectives after which the group had a joint discussion about what they have learned related to their objectives.

It was an absolute pleasure to host this group – they had such insightful questions and good ideas about how they can integrate Finnish practices into their own work. Finland also showed her best by offering snow to the participants on their last day!