Workshop in Istanbul: KOULU’s work in Turkey continues

KOULU’s Director of Education Services Satu Järvinen and teaching and learning consultant Sirkku Nikamaa shared the success of Finnish education in a workshop in Istanbul last week. The workshop, organised by KOULU in cooperation with Banu Alptekin of Senin Geleceğin, was held on 2-3 February to a wide range of Turkish education professionals. The workshop, ‘How did Finland succeed?’, addressed the factors that made the Finnish education system evolve into one of top quality. Best practices, techniques and methods of Finnish education success were shared to the participants for them to implement in their work.

Technology provides unprecedented advantages for education; we are working to develop training solutions for all students and trainers. We need to create new ideas, methods and tools to learn“, emphasised Järvinen.

The workshop in Istanbul is part of a collaboration between Senin Geleceğin and KOULU Group. To this day, a number of Innovation Camps for Turkish education professionals have been organised in Finland by the Turkish-Finnish collaboration. The impact of the Innovation Camps is visible; the participants have already started to adopt the shared practices in their schools in Turkey.

We at KOULU Group sincerely believe that, with the long-term cooperation with Senin Geleceğin, we will be able to respond to the great interest Turkey has for education. The collaboration with Senin Geleceğin has been seamless, and we are truly happy to continue to develop the cooperation for the benefit of both parties.

All pictures credit to Senin Geleceğin.