School development framework

School development framework

Our School Development Framework takes a holistic looks into the different elements that make any school and educational institution successful. We have used quality criteria from the Finnish educational system as a strong basis for all solutions within the Framework. All content is carefully processed to suit the international context.

KOULU’s School Development Framework enhances the education system by largely impacting the learning results, outcomes, atmosphere and general well being at the schools where the Framework is being implemented. The entire school is made aware of the core elements that make the Finnish schools’ and students’ performance world-renowned.

Our School Development Framework consists of the following innovative solutions:

  • Professional Development Programmes
  • Certificate Programme in Education Development
  • Innovation Camp for Educators
  • Capability and Opportunity Assessment
  • Study Trip Programme for Students

Our School Development Framework is carefully adapted to meet the unique circumstances of every school in which it is implemented to ensure good impact with visible solutions.