School development framework

Capability and opportunity assessment – COA

COA is an analysis tool to review the quality and performance of educational institutions. It gives the education providers a tool for evaluating their operations and activities and for identifying current strengths and the areas for improvement.

Highlights of COA

  • COA is a reliable tool for educational institutions to improve their competitiveness and to reinforce their success
  • Identifies strengths, analyses the institution’s current success factors and creates a systematic path for future development
  • The highly appreciated Finnish Quality Criteria for education forms the framework for COA. The assessment is based on a data collected with an online survey
  • The participants will receive a comprehensive analysis followed by a participatory online feedback and discussion session


As an additional component of COA, our expert facilitators, together with the participants will join in a workshop to unlock the potential of the institution, construct the necessary development projects and then schedule them into the annual school plan.