School development framework

Certificate programme in education development

The objective of the Certificate Programme in Education Development is to introduce to school owners and leaders how modern educational institutions are led. During the programme, the participants will receive a full understanding of the structures of the educational system in Finland and the full learning design spectrum. They learn how to lead 21st century schools that strive to highest quality through constant development. The programme leaders are top Finnish educational experts. During the programme the participants are introduced to guide-thinking.

Targeted for educators, managers, school owners, educational leaders.

Main goals: Professional growth of participants, encouraging them to apply modern pedagogical and managerial methods in their work with the best practices of the Finnish Education System.

Method: The learning programme is hands-on, practical and based on assignments & tasks and online guidance with course leaders. The course leaders are leading Finnish educational experts.

Duration & Location: 5 days of intensive programmes will be held in major cities of Finland. Certificate programmes can also be offered in target countries.

The programme is built on five essential components:

  • Pre-assignments based on course literature followed by an online session prior to the visit
  • A five-day intensive period in Finland consisting of school visits and workshops
  • Personal developmental assignments where theory is applied to the participants´ own professional working fields which is combined with online sessions with Finnish experts
  • Personal feedback and evaluation of the learning process
  • Certificate of the programme

The Certificate Programme in Education Development for Educators is to enhance the professional growth of participants and to encourage them in applying modern pedagogical methods in their work with the best practices of the Finnish Education System. We bring you the latest pedagogical know-how from one of the leading countries in the world in this field. Additionally we offer well thought-out and thorough assignments and tasks as well as “learning by doing” during the course instead of the traditional lectures.

All necessary materials and assignments of the Certificate Programme in Education Development are available before the five-day intensive period, the contents of which are comparable with the Pedagogical studies in the Department of Teacher Education within the Finnish Universities.

NOTE:  The Certificate programme offered in Finland can also be combined with two to three days’ visits to the Finnish schools for observation.