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Innovation camp for educators

Nowadays there is vast interest towards Finnish education globally. Every year, hundreds of delegations from all over the world come to Finland to get an understanding of the key features of one of the world’s leading education systems. At KOULU, we welcome these groups and provide an exclusive experience in exploring the Finnish educational environment. We are truly excited about the idea of being able to present the best that Finland has to offer and delivered in a modern way of learning. Our innovation camps take visits further and will leave permanent results and development ideas with all participants. The Innovation Camps are a combination of visits and hands on experiences of study visits combined with work done by participants in innovating solutions and new practices that can be adapted to their own work upon returning to their home country.


Objectives: Innovation Camp for Educators demonstrates the success factors leading to top quality education in real-life practical conditions.


Value: Traditional study visits are often considered inspiring. However, transforming the ideas to local practices upon returning home often proves challenging. With Innovation Camp, participants work on solutions that can be implemented in a local setting during their week in Finland and which is guided by Finland’s top education experts. Innovation Camp transforms inspiration to solutions based on the world´s best educational practices but adapted to own needs and for immediate improvement & development in local education processes and methods.


Innovation Camp for Educators is best suited for school owners/operators, managers and educational developers.


This programme enables participants to get hands-on experiences in the Finnish education system by

  • Observing & visiting schools’ classrooms, discussing with students
  • Discussing with Finnish educational decision makers, education developers and practitioners
  • Participating in innovation workshops lead by Finnish top education experts
  • Adapting the new knowledge to their own working practices.


Duration: 3-5 days


The programme builds on the core elements of the 2016 Finnish National Core Curricula for early childhood and compulsory education. The concept of phenomenon-based learning is strongly incorporated into the methodology of the Innovation Camp.

The programme covers all aspects needed when developing a successful school of the future:

  • Student Centred Pedagogy
  • Quality and Assessment in Learning
  • Digital Learning and Educational Technologies
  • Learning Environment Design (Physical and Virtual)
  • Education Leadership & School Management

The Innovation Camp is adjusted and tailored to suit each participant’s needs and concentrates on the topics which are most useful for the participants’ professional development. The Innovation Camp is organised by KOULU Group together with our partner network of experts, schools, universities, universities of applied sciences and other highly respected official institutions working in the field of education. The program is organised in the major cities of Finland depending on the themes chosen by the participant.