School development framework

Professional development programmes

At KOULU, we offer a variety of in-service professional development programmes for teachers, principals, headmasters, school managers, administrators and other professional educators. These programmes focus on increasing the capacity of all educators to improve their educational performance. The pedagogical framework of the programmes are based on the best practices of the Finnish educational system.

The foundation of our PDPs for educators emphasises pedagogical issues in the educational environment inspired by Finnish educational excellence. It is not only teachers who need in-service training as headmasters and school administrators will also benefit from further professional development. In this way, the whole school can become a continuously improving and developing organisation.

Our programmes are always tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners. They are delivered either in an E-Learning format or using blended learning, in other words, combining a personalised training approach with E-Learning elements. The programmes always make use of the latest digital tools available and are led by top Finnish and international educational experts. Studies consist of guided but independent E-Learning.

Our Professional development programmes have a module-based course design for in-service teachers, headmasters, principals, educational leaders, school owners and school administrators, and the programmes consist of one or more of the following modules:

  • Teaching and learning in the 21st Century
  • The Pedagogical Toolbox of a Teacher
  • Teachers’ Tools in the Digital Era
  • Educational technologies and collaborative learning
  • Learning environment and infrastructure development
  • School management with modern methods

Content of the programmes is designed according to the customer’s needs and preferences from these modules. Within the modules, the participants work e.g. on development projects, which incorporate the learning outcomes into their working practices. Aside from the pedagogy, special themes and substance skills are built into the training processes.

The greatest value from our PDP is individually tailored competence up-skilling for immediate change. All the knowledge and learning processes of the programme focus on increasing the capacity of school managers and educators to improve the performance of the whole school community. The result is a better functioning, effective community with energetic and inspired educators.

NOTE: The core of our Professional Development Programmes is in E-Learning mode but it can also be offered in a blended learning method combining personal training with E-Learning.