School development framework

Study trip programme for students

The Study Trip Programme for Students is an improved, modern and powerful version of the traditional study visit. The students’ journey to the Camp begins with knowing about Finland and its environment prior to travel. During the visit, students will communicate with Finnish peers, school administrators and teachers. This is a unique opportunity for getting to know the Finnish education system in depth.

The Study Trip for Students empowers students from abroad to experience and explore an educational system which is quite  different from their own. Students are exposed to an extensive range of aspects including culture, educational practices and teaching methods. They will be able to meet fellow students from a foreign country who are totally different in terms of learning behavior, study culture and attitude. Gaining new thoughts and ideas from foreign peers can inspire their learning behavior as well

The main objective of the study trip is to familiarise the students in real life settings with the key elements of the success factors leading to top quality in Finnish education:

  • Students will learn about the different pedagogical approaches followed in Finland
  • Innovative use of learning environments
  • Use of technology in Finnish school environments
  • Exposure to Finland and its culture

Duration: 3-7 days

All venues of the visit are authentic, they are schools where normal, everyday routines get implemented genuinely, leading to globally recognised top learning results – the schools are not specially “tailored & polished” for the group, but chosen for their authenticity.

Study Trip is organised by KOULU Group together with our partner network of educational institutions in Turku and Helsinki, Finland. The programme utilises the multiple institutional and best open learning environments of Finland.