Teach like a Finn!

Teach like a Finn!

TLF is a teacher training programme based on the guiding principles and themes of the Finnish education system and culturally adjusted to meet the needs of local environments. In this programme, we train local trainers, who will in turn train teachers. We also offer the possibility to directly train teachers.

The training is organised as a blended format, combining both face-to-face and online training. After completing each module successfully, the participants will receive a certificate.

The objective of TLF is to ensure that teachers are able to apply student-centred teaching practices in their work in classrooms. Student-centredness means placing the student at the centre of the whole educational process. This helps the students to become more independent, to achieve better learning results, and to become lifelong learners.  TLF provides teachers with an understanding of student-centred learning, and the resources and support they need to put these methods into practice in their classroom immediately after finishing the training.

In addition to the training, KOULU provides a platform for a global professional community, the TLF Teachers’ Room, for sharing ideas and good practices. The TLF Teachers’ Room enables peer learning and sharing in different aspects, such as discussion and webinars on classroom experiences and developing teaching practices. This online-based platform is available for use during and after the training.


TLF was launched in Pakistan, where it was very well-received, as trainings for teachers from different school chains. The teachers who participated in these training sessions felt that they had experienced something profound and meaningful, such as more enthusiasm and motivation in their profession and among the students, and a better understanding of real-life application of theoretical knowledge. (For more on these piloted trainings, please visit our News section) Read below how TLF has changed the teaching practices of the educators from the Roots School System.



The programme is divided into two pathways: Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Primary and Secondary Education (PSE). Depending on the pathway, TLF comprises of a number of compulsory and optional modules.

Each module introduces teaching approaches and methods that can be applied in different school subjects. Teachers will receive training, materials, examples of best practice, and guidance on how apply the approaches within the context of their subject and their school. In addition, they will learn tips and tricks from Finnish classrooms.

Training Outcomes

The training will not revolutionise teaching in your school. TLF will give teachers a tool box of practises and activities they can use in their classroom thus increasing the student-centredness in their classes.

Teachers will…

  • get new methods for teaching which can be adapted to work immediately
  • have access to teaching resources and a selection of practical tools for learning
  • innovate, try out and share latest teaching and learning practices with global colleagues in TLF Teacher’s Room
  • raise standards in their schools, helping their students become more independent learners, achieving better results and going on to become lifelong learners
  • get a certificate to accredit their learning.

Students will…

  • become more active and motivated
  • gain more independence
  • achieve better learning results
  • become lifelong learners
  • have an increased joy of learning.